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Power system

Power generation:

Provide comprehensive and reliable integrated solutions for wind turbine pitch system, variable flow system, main control system.

Power transmission and transformation:

1. We can provide a new generation of connection solutions of prefabricated optical cables and prefabricated cable for smart substation. We can provide a comprehensive range of standard optical fibers, jumpers, tail cables and special optical fibers, jumpers, and tail cables for smart substations, which can meet the customized needs of various switches and optical modules. Also we have plenty of supporting experience for more than 100 smart substations. 

2. We can provide a complete set of localized relay protection device interface connectors and components, and we are the main drafting unit of related national standard.

3. We can provide connectors and components for the interface of standardized switchgear protection devices of 35kV and below, and we are the main drafting unit of related national standard.

Power distribution:

1. We can provide connectors and cable assemblies of comprehensive distribution network first and second fusion for the whole system device interface, with supporting experience of more than 15 years.

2. High reliable aviation plug self-sealing technology to prevent open circuit of AC current circuit, meet the needs of circuits of different voltage levels, and can withstand 500A instantaneous high current impact.

3. Provide interconnection solutions for various system interfaces.

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