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Rail transit

1. Our products are widely used in hook and buffer systems, vehicle jumper systems, motor systems, network systems, power systems, air conditioning systems, braking systems, etc. Railway signals include train operation control systems, computer interlocking systems, track circuits and automatic blocking systems, etc. Certified by IRIS International Railway Industry Standard.

2. Jumper system: coupler electrical connector between trains, vehicle-end jumper connector between vehicles, jumper bundle, jumper box, etc.

3. Motor system: circular, rectangular, straight, curved, three to three, three to six and other types of motor connectors.

4. Traction system: photoelectric mixed connectors, fluid connectors and liquid-cooling plates, integrated hydropower plates, high current composite busbar connectors, circular/rectangular low frequency connectors, etc.

5. Network system: M12 series connectors, metal shell rectangular quick-lock connectors, RF coaxial connectors, etc.

6. Garage system: various power connectors for subways, trains, and CRHs.

7. Steering system: sensor connectors, signal control connectors and related wire harness.

8. Brake system: control categories including 100M, 1G module connectors and wire harness.

9. Signal system: circular, rectangular low-frequency electrical connectors and related wiring harnesses, fiber optic components, coaxial connectors and components.

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