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Data center

JONHON provides data exchange, power distribution, board-to-board power supply, integrated cabling, cooling systems and other interconnect solutions for data center. Our products are widely used in servers, switches, routers, storage, and UPS power supplies, etc.

1. Data exchange system: independent intellectual property rights, 25G, 40G, 56G serialized high speed connector pedigree; modular design, differential module expansion, power and mixed arrangement of power and high speed; complete all-optical network solutions.

2. Power distribution system: It has busbar connectors which comply with OCP2.5 and Scorpio 3.0 standards, up to 500A, provides centralized power supply high current busbar.

3. Board-to-board power supply: various types of CRPS power interfaces, up to 3000W; multiple power module interfaces, floating, blind mate, current 20~150A, mixed signal and eletrical.

4. Integrated cabling: various types of optical fiber cabling and copper cabling systems, various types of backbone, branch optical cables, CAT network jumpers, optical fiber distribution frames, and cable organizers, etc.

5. Cooling system: complete cooling system of fluid connectors, cold plates, pipelines, CDU. Immersion cooling and cold plate cooling technology.

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