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Wireless base station

JONHON provides outdoor fiber, outdoor power supply, low frequency signal, RF, board-to-board power supply, board-to-board high speed, I/O power supply and other interconnect solutions for wireless base station. Our products are widely used for electrical and signal connection in outdoor antenna, RRU/AAU, BBU, small cell and other equipment.

1. Outdoor fiber: locking types such as thread, bayonet, push-pull, side buckle; plug types are DLC and MPO, on-site installation or preinstallation; IP67, working temperature -40~85 °C, module floating.

2. Outdoor power supply: locking types such as thread, bayonet, push-pull, side buckle; socket termination methods include soldering, straight plug, gold finger; IP67, lightning protection, on-site installation and stripping-proof, rated current is 20~80A.

3. Low-frequency signal: locking, bayonet, push-pull and other locking types; socket termination types are soldering straight plug and gold finger; IP67, 1G and 10G transmission.

4. RF: locking types such as threading and push-pull; socket termination types include soldering, straight plug, gold finger; excellent PIM and floating connection.

5. Board-to-board power supply: floating, blind mate, current 20~150A, mixed signal and eletrical.

6. Board-to-board high speed: independent intellectual property rights, 25G, 40G, 56G serialized high speed connector pedigree; modular design, differential module expansion, power and mixed arrangement of power and high speed.

7. I/O power supply: board-to-wire scenario, pull-ring unlocking and screw fixing types, and on-site installation.

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