JONHON and Guoxuan High-tech Cooperate in the Field of Electric Vehicles
Time:2019.12.07 Font size

On December 7, JONHON and Hefei Guoxuan Hi-Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guoxuan High-Tech) signed a "core supplier strategic cooperation agreement" in Hefei.

The signing ceremony was held at the Ninth Science and Technology Innovation Conference and the 2019 Annual Supplier Conference of Guoxuan High-Tech. Many academicians, experts and scholars from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the former EU Energy Commission, Harvard University, Tsinghua University and other research institutes gathered together. Share the spirit of science and seek common development of the lithium battery industry. Jiao Zhaoqiang, deputy general manager of JONHON Electric Vehicles Division, represented JONHON at the conference, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Synergistic Progress and Common Development", and received the "Best Quality Award" and signed "Core Supplier Strategic Cooperation" protocol".

In 2019, in the new energy vehicle power battery field, Guoxuan High-Tech has performed well: in the past November, Guoxuan High-Tech won the second place in the installed capacity of domestic new energy vehicle power batteries; from January to November, Guoxuan High-Tech ranks in the top three at the cumulative power batteries Installed capacity, the market recognition is evident!

JONHON and Guoxuan High-Tech, as "old friends" for many years, build a good cooperation relationship in the past, and the scope and depth of cooperation continue to increase in 2019. The signing of this strategic agreement is bound to further deepen the close and lasting strategic cooperation relationship between the two parties. We will work together to make greater contributions to the national new energy vehicle industry.

As a leading provider of optoelectronic connection technology solutions, JONHON will continue to provide comprehensive high-voltage interconnection and charging system solutions for new energy vehicles to the automotive industry, helping the country's automotive industry to rapidly upgrade its electrification.