JONHON exhibits data center solutions on Supercomputing Conference 2019 (SC19)
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On November 18-21, Supercomputing Conference 2019 (SC19) was successfully held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO. JONHON exhibited its data center solutions. Among them, liquid cooling solution was one of the hot spots in this exhibition, and it attracted much attention.


JONHON is dedicated to the research and development of optical, electrical, and liquid connectors and component for data centers and supercomputing. JONHON can provide interconnection solutions such as data exchange, power distribution, inter-board power, integrated wiring, and liquid cooling systems. JONHON products are widely used in servers, switches, routers, data storage, UPS power supplies, etc. At the same time, JONHON can provide a one-stop liquid cooling solution for data centers, including quick connectors, cold plates, pipelines and hoses, manifold and CUDs, providing efficient primary and secondary side solutions.


The joint development with Intel has made JONHON’s Universal Quick Disconnect (UQD) series for server nodes possible and debuted at the SC19.


The UQD series is steel ball-locked quick connector which enables the quick connect and disconnect of data center rack server liquid cooling components. The UQD series has 4 sizes, namely UQD02, UQD04, UQD06 and UQD08, which can provide customers with different flow rate options.


Material: metal parts: stainless steel (surface treatment: chemical passivation); seal ring: EPDM. JONHON and Intel worked together to strictly control the cost of UQD products to ensure the ease and cost friendly of customer selection.