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Petroleum industry

1. The product field involves electrical interconnection of land and marine exploration equipment, electrical interconnection of top drive systems, electrical interconnection of wellsite power and electronic control equipment, electrical interconnection of wellsite lighting, electrical interconnection of logging instruments, and electrical equipment for perforating instruments. Interconnection, electrical interconnection of pipeline inspection equipment, etc.

2. land resource exploration equipment can provide 408 system, Aries system standard interface

3. Marine resource exploration equipment can provide customized streamer interface, submarine cable interface, OBN interface, etc.

4. The drilling equipment system can provide explosion-proof, increased safety and non-sparking full range of explosion-proof connectors. The products have passed IEC and ATEX certification.

5. top drive equipment system can provide a full set of cable assemblies or explosion-proof connectors, etc.

6. The logging equipment field can provide a complete set of standard interface connectors for 57 systems or CSU systems, providing customized solutions with up to 200 MPa, 230 °C high temperature and high pressure resistance, and providing MDM series cable assemblies for internal interconnection of logging instruments.

7.the field of perforating equipment can provide pressure ignition switch cable assembly.

8. the pipeline inspection equipment field can provide pressure 10MPa sensor and piercing cable assembly.

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