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Power system

At the power generation end:

Provide comprehensive and reliable fan slurry system, converter system, and main control system integration solutions.

In the field of power transmission and transformation:

1. It can provide a whole-generation intelligent substation full-line prefabricated optical cable and prefabricated cable connection solution. It can provide comprehensive optical fiber, jumper, tail cable and special fiber, jumper and tail cable for intelligent substation, which can meet various switches. Customized development requirements such as optical modules, with more than 100 intelligent stations supporting experience;

2. It can provide a complete set of localized relay protection device interface connectors and components that meet the standards. It is the main unit of the national standard “Technical Specifications for Localized Relay Protection Devices Part 2: Connectors and Prefabricated Cables”;

3. It can provide connectors and components for the standard switchgear protection device interface of 35kV and below, which is the drafting unit of the national standard "General technical requirements for 35kV and below standardized switchgear protection devices".


In the field of power distribution:

1. It can provide a complete distribution network and a second-integrated connector and cable assembly for the whole system device interface. It has more than 15 years of supporting application experience.

2. It has high reliability and self-sealing technology suitable for open circuit of AC current circuit, which can meet the needs of different voltage level loops and can withstand 500A instantaneous high current impact.

3. can provide a variety of system interface interconnection solutions.

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