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1. The product field covers magnetic resonance equipment, medical ultrasound equipment, X-ray machines, monitor equipment, laser beauty instruments and surgical robots.

2.magnetic resonance equipment can provide high-life modular connectors for coils, high-low frequency hybrid connectors, opto-electric hybrid connectors, high and low frequency hybrid connectors and components for bed, glass sintered connectors and components for magnets, Non-magnetic RF connector, etc.;

3. Ultrasonic equipment can provide zero-plug connectors with different densities, including ZF series for low-end and mid-range, ZFS series for high-end use, and ZFP series connectors for portable use;

4, X-ray machine equipment can provide 75Kv medical high-voltage cable assembly, metal straight push-pull connector and rectangular mixed quick-lock connector;

5. the monitor device can provide accessories and the host to connect the plastic straight push-pull connector extremely relevant components;

6. laser beauty equipment can provide 45Kv high voltage connector components for laser launchers;

7. The surgical robot device can provide a rectangular mixed quick-lock connector for integrated use;

8, can provide one-stop magnetic resonance equipment and ultrasound equipment interconnection solutions.

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