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The company offers a complete line of interconnect solutions for data center cabinet data exchange, power distribution, inter-board power, integrated cabling and cooling and cooling systems. Connectors and component products are widely used in servers, switches, routers, storage, and UPS power supplies. light.

1. Cabinet data exchange system: It has independent intellectual property rights and has series high-speed connector pedigrees such as 25G, 40G and 56G; modular design, support for differential module expansion, support for power supply and power supply and high-speed mixed arrangement. A complete all-optical network solution.

2. cabinet power distribution system: with OCP2.5 and Tianzhu 3.0 standard busbar connector, up to 500A, can provide centralized power supply high current bus.

3. the cabinet board power system: with a variety of types of CRPS power interface, up to 3000W power; rich power module interface, support floating, blind plug, current 20-150A, signal and power can be mixed.

4.the computer room integrated wiring system: with a variety of types of fiber cabling and copper cabling system, can provide various types of trunk, branch fiber optic cable, CAT network jumper, as well as fiber distribution frame, cable organizer and other products.

5.the machine room cooling and cooling system: can provide fluid connectors, cold plates, pipelines, liquid cooling source to build a complete cooling and cooling system, support immersion cooling and cold plate cooling technology.

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